Visitors on the SOKRATHERM stand at E-world 2022

At the E-world energy & water fair held for the first time in over two years we have presented a newly developed variant of the well-established CHP unit type GG 50 as well as the demonstrator-unit of a hydrogen (H2) powered generator. Both machines drew a lot of attention among the – this year especially international – visitors and led to interesting conversations about CHP projects and the further development of cogeneration towards renewable energies.

Compact CHP unit GG 50 6VRS

This variant is produced on side to the classic GG 50 VR variant and provides enough power reserve to generate 50 kW nominal power in up to 2000 m altitude above or special applications like hot cooling.

Compact CHP unit GG 50 6VRS (left)

Its 6-cylinder gas engine it is much more quiet in the low frequency range than the widespread CHP units with 4-cylinder engines and therefore eases the installation in noise-sensitive environments. The CHP unit has an electrical output of 50 kW and a thermal output of 89 kW. With a condensing heat exchanger and ideal conditions the thermal output can rise to 107 kW. It is suitable to provide heat and power efficiently for e.g. residential areas, nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

The continuously improved CHP unit type GG 50 has been built for over 30 years and is installed in roughly 500 objects in different variants: As a mobile CHP unit in an outoor-pool (during summer) and in a school (during winter) in Waldmohr, as length-reduced variant in the nursing home Le Terrazze in Turin (Italy), as „hot cooler“ in the ORO shopping mall in Schwabach or as a GG 50 6VRS in the school-center in Tiengen (photos and project report in the stadt+werk magazine).

Engine of the hydrogen demonstrator H07

Hydrogen Demonstrator H07

Besides the new GG 50 we have also exhibited a hydrogen genset which had been developed several years ago by our sister company adapt engineering and is known by experts as the „blaues Wunder“ (blue miracle). The „H07“ has the same engine base as our GG 50 6VRS and was the first engine to manage a quality regulation in stationary hydrogen-operation without a throttle but in combination with a suction pipe injection. In numerous operation hours the valve control times, the piston assembly, compression rates and injection control times were optimised. With the demonstrator the suitability of this engine for operation with pure hydrogen with comparable efficiency and ca. 40 kW nominal power was proven. This development was subsidized by the German Ministry of Economics as an innovative project and provides the foundation for our H2 developments.

All currently produced SOKRATHERM cogeneration units are H2-READY. They can all be operated without modification or power reduction with up to 20 % H2 in the fuel and some CHP unit types with even up to 40 % H2. Additionally we develop CHP units for operation with 100 % hydrogen as well as retrofit kits. With these kits, natural gas CHP units installed today can in be retrofitted in the future and operated with 100 % H2. The modification can take place during a general overhaul or when hydrogen is available at a competitive price.

The role of cogeneration in a hydrogen based energy system of the future is also a central working field of the German cogeneration association B.KWK which we could once again welcome on our as a co-exhibitor.

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At the E-world energy & water fair held for the first time in over two years we have presented a […]


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