SOKRATHERM presented an innovative energy concept
with CHP unit and heat pump at the E-world 2023 fair

SOKRATHERM stand at E-world 2023

At the E-world 2023 energy & water fair in Esen we have presented numerous novelties on our stand. Our main attraction was a newly developed combined heat and power (CHP) unit of the 400 kW class. The heartpiece of the exhibited compact CHP unit type with an output of 357 kW electrical and 445 kW thermal power is an 8 cylinder turbo MAN engine of the latest generation.

In natural gas operation this CHP unit achieves an electrical efficiency of 40.2 %. Together with the thermal efficiency of over 50 %, the exhibited CHP type GG 355 has an overall efficiency of 90.3 %, which can be increased by up to 8.8 % with an external condensing heat exchanger. Thus, under optimal operating conditions, an overall efficiency of almost 100 % can be achieved.

Mr. Voigt (2nd from right) on the Hydrogen Solutions Forum

The new MAN engine can already be operated with up to 20 % hydrogen (H2) and after a corresponding modification with 100 % H2. This adaption of the exhibited CHP unit will be available in the coming year as the new CHP type HG 320. Our sales director Joachim Voigt presented the SOKRATHERM H2 strategy on a cogeneration discussion panel at the Hydrogen Solutions Forum.

The most prominent GG 355 application example is the installation of this cogeneration unit type in the Grand Green family hotel in Oberhof, about which the online editions of the professional journals BWK and Hotel+Technik have, among others, reported. Further projects with this CHP unit type are in Magdeburg, Hamburg and Berlin.

Compact CHP unit GG 355 in Oberhof

How CHP plants can be operated in a way that serves the electricity market and at the same time the heat generation be optimised was shown by SOKRATHERM with innovative concepts for combining CHP units with heat pumps and buffer storage tanks. In order for the systems to fully exploit their specific advantages, the heat pumps are designed in such a way that they generate heat from then surplus electricity with very good efficiency at moderate outdoor temperatures. At low outdoor temperatures, the CHP units take over the heat supply and additionally provide electrical energy to stabilise the electricity grid.

To implement this intelligent operation we have developed a control system which defines the sequence of heat producers for a cost-optimized energy supply. On/off criteria for operation are, besides e.g. heat demand and buffer load status, the power rate of the heat pump, gas and power price as well as the expected revenues for the power generated by the CHP unit.

We also presented the newly designed version of our decade-proven remote monitoring system RemoteManager. It creates even more user convenience with intuitive operation and provides for an even better energy unit insight.

Also in 2023 the German cogeneration association B.KWK was present on our stand as co-exhibitor. We thand all visitors for the interesting conversations and are looking forward to implement the discussed projects!

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