iPC CHP unit control

Intelligent CHP unit control for fully automatic operation. Since 2011 the iPC control is delivered with every SOKRATHERM CHP and operated on site via touchpanel. Its functions comprise:

Fully automatic operation

Automatic control of all CHP unit components and MiniManager controlled peripherals with possibilities to interfere manually.

CHP plant monitoring

Recording of all incidents which have affected the operation (e.g. mains disturbance) and immediate reaction by issuing warning notes, adjustment of parameters (e.g. load reduction) or shutdown of the CHP unit (fault). The majority of faults can be acknowledged by operation staff on site or from distance with the optionally available RemoteManager.

Operational data logging

Recording of all relevant data (e.g. power, temperatures, faults) on a separate flash memory in minute cycles.

Flight recorder function

Temporally high resolution logging of the operation data prior to a fault for best analysis and fault resolving.

Process data diagrams

Graphic display of operation data as diagram for data analysis.

Integration of external counters

Integration and processing of external data sources such as power meters, gas meters and heat meters possible – as well as their remote reading via the optional RemoteManager.

Change of preset values

Adaption of boundary values, timing relays and other parameters for the optimization of the complete plant operation, also via the optional RemoteManager.


Combination with RemoteManager, MiniManager PRO or MaxiManager

Control system


The RemoteManager grants remote access to the CHP unit and allows data reception by E-Mail or SMS.


Control system


Control of one CHP unit with peak load boiler and heat storage.


Control system

MiniManager PRO

MiniManager PRO controls sophisticated CHP plants with one CHP unit and e.g. several boilers and external temperatures.


Control system


The MaxiManager can control serveral CHP units, boiler(s) and buffer storage(s).


Compact CHP units

Our cogeneration units over 50 kW

With their ability to provide and regulate power within seconds CHP units units are the perfect partner of fluctuating renewable energy sources.


Compact CHP units

Configuration options

Various configuration options enable the CHP unit to generate additional value, e.g. emergency power generation during blackouts.



Service and maintance for CHP units

Integral part of the SOKRATHERM product range are proven maintenance concepts continuously adapted to the technological progress.


Compact CHP units

Core advantages of our compact CHP units

Based on 40 years of experience our compact CHP units feature excellent characteristics and quality.