SOKRATHERM rises further within the ranking of CHP unit suppliers

Early November 2022 the „Energie & Management“ newspaper has published the „BHKW-Ranking“ of the CHP unit manufacturers active on the German market for the year 2021. It has been researched together with the renowned Öko-Institut and comprises CHP units of all power classes from the one kW Micro-CHP unit up to Multi-Megawatt CHP units. Among the roughly thirty companies we are one of the few which have been present in every BHKW-Ranking since its first publication nearly twenty years ago.

In the 50 kW to 1 MW power range served by us we could in total sell 14 MW(el) of the CHP units named fossil* and therefore improve out position to rank 8 in spite of a slightly shrinking market. Within „our“ mentioned power range we have a market share of roughly 20 % in several power classes and a top position regarding number of CHP units as well as CHP unit power sold. We thank all our customers and partners who made this success possible!

* In the Ranking the market is split in „biogenic“ CHP units (connected to a biogas or sewage plant) and „fossil“ CHP units (connected to the gas grid). In this context we regard the expression „fossil“ as outdated because the German gas grid is fed increasingly with the renewable gases Biomethane (which powers e.g. our district heating CHP unit in Apen), „green“ hydrogen and SNC  which will replace the (fossil) natural gas in the medium term.

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