Premiere of the especially efficient compact CHP unit GG 430 on Hannover Messe 2019

On this year’s Hannover Messe we presented our new compact CHP unit GG 430 for the first time ever. With 435 kW electrical and 548 kW thermal power this CHP type reaches a -in its power class outsanding- electrical efficiency of 39,9 %. Its total efficiency of 90,2 % can be increased even further in suitable projects to over 97 % by utilizing condensing heat.

The GG 430 type is the successor of the GG 402 which has proven in over 150 CHP units on customer sites. To comply with the upcoming even stricter emissions regulations, it can be equipped with an SCR catalyst integrated already within the sound absorbing case. Alternatively the SCR catalyst can be retrofitted later. The 400 kW class is especially suitable for the eco-friendly supply of e.g. hospitals, swimming pools, industrial sites, prisons or district heating with heat and power. It is equipped with a robust, touchpanel operated industrial PC which provides for a comprehensive remote monitoring and control.

Besides the classic use of thermal power for heating, all our cogeneration units can -with the corresponding modifications and accessoires- also provide cooling and, in case of a mains failure, provide emergency power for e.g. lighting, elevators, IT and sprinkler systems.

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