In 2010, the company NGT Contracting GmbH has signed a 15 year energy contract with UGOS in Bad Driburg. This contract includes the delivery heat, power and steam to the Gräflicher Park Hotel & Spa and two hospitals.

A large part of the heat and power supply is generated by SOKRATHERM compact CHP units of which two GG 237 units have been installed in 2011. The (German) article published in summer 2011 in the BWK magazine can be read here.

Two years later in 2013, the CHP scheme has been enlarged by an additional GG 140 unit. The total power of the CHP scheme is 620 electrical and 960 kW thermal power. In the same year NGT has joined the large Berlin utilities company GASAG and changed its name to GASAG Contracting GmbH.

Gräflicher Park Bad Driburg
(2 x GG 237 + GG 140)

In 2010, the company NGT Contracting GmbH has signed a 15 year energy contract with UGOS in Bad Driburg. This […]


Freie Universität (FU) Berlin
(1 x GG 50 + 3 x GG 140 + GG 237)

On two sites of the 30.000 students large Freie Universität (Free University or FU) Berlin, three SOKRATHERM CHP units started […]


Brewery Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG
(1 x GG 198 D + Steam generator)

Since 2014 the traditional brewery Cölner Hofbräu P. Josef Früh KG in Cologne brews its cult beer „Früh Kölsch“ highly […]


Energy Bunker Hamburg
(1 x GG 237 + GG 530, Deutscher TGA Award 2014)

The World War II bunker in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg has been transformed as part of the IBA Hamburg (International Building Exhibition) project […]


Elisabeth-hospital Essen
1 x GG 402

In the plant designed together with GASAG Solution Plus GmbH, a natural gas condensing boiler cascade with 1,725 kW thermal […]


MAN plants in Nuremberg / PL-Starachowice
GG 260 / GG 140, GG 206, GG 402

Three decades of cooperation connect the companies MAN as the leading CHP engine manufacturer and SOKRATHERM as a pioneer in […]


LWL-Klinik Lippstadt
2 x GG 140

The LWL-Klinik for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine Lippstadt is an institution of the psychiatric compound of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe […]


Energieverbundzentrale Waldbronn
1 x GG 330, Contracting-Award 2018

In Waldbronn near Karlsruhe in February 2017 a new combined energy center built by the utilites company EnBW was officially […]


Niederegger Marzipan Luebeck
1 x GG 402 H

Since December 2016, the famous Marzipan and chocolates of J.G. NIEDEREGGER GmbH & Co. KG in Luebeck are produced with […]


Albgaubad Ettlingen
1 x GG 260

More modern, more efficient, more powerful: The municipal power company Stadtwerke Ettlingen (SWE) has officially inaugurated the new CHP unit […]


Technology center SUMMIT in Siegen
1 x GG 100 + Absorption chiller in Container

The SUMMIT technology center in Siegen-Martinshardt was completed after only 18 months construction time and moved into in Q1/2019. It […]


Audi E-Power Event
1 x GG 530 with battery storage and charging stations

The e-tron is Audi’s first fully electric car and delivered to customers in Germany since spring 2019. In spite of […]


St. Josef-Hospital Bochum
1 x GG 260

The St. Josef-Hospital is a clinical centre of the Ruhr University Bochum and the largest operating facility of the Catholic […]


Water purification plant Barsinghausen
1 x FG 123 in Container

In Barsinghausen near Hannover, the water purificaton plant for the surrounding communities was equipped with facilities for the production and […]


The Grand Green Familux Resort Oberhof
1 x GG 355

In the Thuringian recreation and sports town of Oberhof the Grand Green Familux Resort, a unique hotel combining relaxed luxury […]


H&K factory in Oberndorf
1 x GK 140 for Compressed air and heat generation

In southern Germany’s metal-processing H&K plant the first gas engine compressor unit (GK-unit) developed by SOKRATHERM and our technology partner […]



Kraft aus Tradition

Seit über 45 Jahren finden wir unseren Antrieb im Klimaschutz und verbessern stetig die Energieeffizienz und Leistung unserer Produkte.



Unsere BHKW-Module ab 50 kW

Blockheizkraftwerke sind durch die sekundenschnelle Strombereitstellung ein guter Ausgleich für die Erzeugungsschwankungen erneuerbarer Energiequellen.


Kachel SOKRATHERM Referenzen



Ob in Schwimmbädern, Hotels, Krankenhäusern, Industriebetrieben, Verwaltungsbauten oder Kläranlagen – unsere BHKW-Kompaktmodule überzeugen an jedem Ort.


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