Elisabeth-hospital Essen
1 x GG 402

In the plant designed together with GASAG Solution Plus GmbH, a natural gas condensing boiler cascade with 1,725 kW thermal power was installed additionally to the CHP unit with 405 kW electrical and 538 kW thermal power and other material. Moreover, two electric pure steam generators were prepared for the already present steam sterilisators. „With this equipment the central operative technology of the Elisabeth-hospital is on the latest technological level“ states Wolfgang E. Siewert, technical director of the Contilia group to which the hospital belongs.

Protection of the environment has a high priority in the Contilia group which is also reflected in the company goal. „We see our duty to contribute to the global change and to reduce our energy consumption substantially in order to relief the environment and help the climate protection“ Siewert describes the ecological approach which aligns with the CO2 debates of climate change.

His engagement for a sustainable concept is attractive also in economic terms. The energetical modernization of the Elisabeth-hospital costed roughly 1.3 Millionen Euro. „That is no chicken feed“ Wilfried Siegel from the Facility Management of Contilia GmbH stated. „On the other hand, the Elisabeth-hospital Essen alone saves nearly 350.000 Euro per year with the new technology. The investment will therefore be paid back within a few years.“ Together with the other renewal measurements, the CHP unit commissioned in 2014 saves 20 percent or 1,400 tons of CO2 every year. „We are on the right way – further projects will follow“ Siewert emphasizes for the future.

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