MAN plants in Nuremberg / PL-Starachowice
GG 260 / GG 140, GG 206, GG 402

Three decades of cooperation connect the companies MAN as the leading CHP engine manufacturer and SOKRATHERM as a pioneer in cogeneration. We do not only build exclusively MAN engines in our CHP units of 50-550 kW power range but also cooperate in servicing and upkeep as well as in engine development. In the year 2015 our cooperation was deepened even further by delivering four CHP units to MAN plants.

In Nuremberg (Germany) our first built compact CHP unit GG 260 (photo) with a total efficiency of
92.8 % was installed. Its newly developed suction engine had been manufactured just a few meters away in the MAN engine factory. The CHP unit was delivered turnkey, fully ready to connect in a container together with a showroom for customers and training purposes.

In the Polish MAN plant Starachowice where especially buses are produced our compact CHP units
GG 140, GG 206 und GG 402 were installed in different parts of the plant. All four CHP units were commissioned in late 2015 and provide since then, reliable and highly efficient, power and heat for the MAN sites in Germany and Poland.

We are happy to have won these projects in competition with many other market actors and to be able to show our advantages as one of the leading CHP unit manufacturers.

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With their ability to provide and regulate power within seconds CHP units units are the perfect partner of fluctuating renewable energy sources.


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Whether in hotels, factories, hospitals, industrial sites or water purification plants - our compact CHP units prove efficient and reliable operation in all kinds of objects.


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