Customized SOKRATHERM double CHP installation is „CHP plant of the year 2014“

The plant consisting of two customized CHP units type GG 140 installed in the production site of Rhode AG has been elected „BHKW des Jahres 2014“ (CHP plant of the year) in december 2014. It was designed by the engineering office Geese in Hardegsen and supplies power, heating and up to 110 °C process heat with a total efficiency of 96 % to the company Rohde AG in Noerten-Hardenberg (Germany) which is specialized in surface refinement and industrial grips. With the comprehensive renewal of the energy supply system (details see German Article sonderdruck-bhkw-dm-jan-2014-waermestaffel„>Waerme-Staffel (1.75 MB) ), Rohde AG could reduce its energy costs by 48 % and achieves a payback time of 3 years.

The CHP plant was elected by a jury of the German cogeneration association B.KWK from eleven CHP plants which had been described as „CHP plant of the month“ from January to November 2014 in the „Energie & Management“ paper. The plant was awarded as an excellent example for the rational, climate-friendly and economic use of energy with cogeneration. The jury was especially convinced by following aspects:

1. The very well engineering based on a thorough analysis and optimisation of the total heat supply system of the company’s production and buildings resulting in a sophisticated heat cascade for the energy-savig heat supply with process heat and building heating.

2. The very detailed analysis of the energy flows and thermodynamic conditions of the whole production process which led -in cooperation with the CHP supplier- to an exactly matching design of the whole CHP plant.

3. The good cooperation with the company’s excecutives and technology experts which allowed to reduce the required flow temperatures substantially and therefore made large energy savings and at the same time the deployment of CHP units possible.

4. The high efficiency of the energy supply including effective condensing heat utilisation in spite of high flow temperatures.

5. The best practice effect of this well designed and coordinated concept which can -provided the engineering know-how is available- be transferred to many mid-sized companies also of totally different industries in a similar manner.

We are very happy and proud of this award and thank all involved parties for their contribution to the project.

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