Certificates for the grid-connected operation of our CHP units in Germany and Italy

All CHP units built by SOKRATHERM have the German unit certificates.

Power generation units that feed into the low or medium voltage grid must be designed and certified according to specific application rules. This is to ensure trouble-free grid operation and a reliable power supply in the face of increasingly decentralised power generation. As one of the first CHP unit manufacturers in 2015 we had obtained the certifications required by the previously introduced VDE and BDEW guidelines for all of our series-produced compact CHP units.

Unit certificates in Germany: VDE-AR-N 4105 and 4110

The mentioned guidelines were replaced in late 2018 by the application rules VDE-AR-N 4105 (low voltage) and VDE-AR-N 4110 (medium voltage). Accordingly, CHP units for which the grid connection was applied for after 26 April 2019 must in principle be certified in accordance with these new application rules. For CHP units or multi-module CHP schemes with less than 135 kW feed-in power the low voltage Directive is applied, even if they are connected on the medium voltage side. We were able to successfully complete the measurement of our CHP modules equipped in accordance with the new application rules in the first half of 2019 and commission the certification. Today the corresponding unit certificates according to VDE-AR-N 4105 and VDE AR-N 4110 are available for all CHP types manufactured by us.

Grid code certificate in Italy: CEI 0-16

Italian grid code CEI 0-16 certificate

In addition, all our compact CHP modules can be equipped according to the requirements of the Italian grid code CEI 0-16. Corresponding family certificates according to CEI 0-16:2022-03 are available for all compact CHP modules manufactured by us.

System certificates (Germany)

From 135 kW feed-in power of a CHP unit or a multi-module CHP scheme at the grid connection point, usually a project-specific system certificate is required. Up to 950 kW feed-in capacity, a simplified system certificate is sufficient.

The system certificates must be submitted to the grid operator no later than one year after the unit certificate has been submitted. The unit certificates for our CHP units are designed to optimally support the preparation of the system certificates.

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